Simple and easy drop down (Suckerfish) menus for Drupal 6

For the Arthemia theme I was trying to find a nice and simple way to add suckerfish menus. However most solutions involved either magic incantations or jquery plugins. A little too much.

Just as I was about to give up hope, I had a look at the Multiflex-3 theme for drupal and its implementation of suckerfish menus. Finally, something that was simple and easy to follow! No js either, which IMO is a good thing.

The actual code in the template.php file from multiflex-3 that you will need to add/work with is:

* Return a cascade primary links.
* Clone implementation from user_block().
* @return
* a themed cascade primary links.
function phptemplate_primary() {
$output = '';
$output .= menu_tree(variable_get('menu_primary_links_source', 'primary-links'));
$output .= '';
return $output;

Arthemia for Drupal

[img_assist|nid=79|title=|desc=Screenshot from Arthemia demo site.|link=none|align=left|width=500|height=300]

A port of the high quality wordpress theme Arthemia free to drupal.

The theme has multiple regions and can be used as both a one column or a two column site.

More details are available on the demo site I have set up.

Screenshot of the Arthemia theme

Screenshot of the arthemia theme from the demo site.

Arthemia for Drupal

I have recently been working on porting the Arthemia Free Wordpress theme to Drupal.

I have set up a demo site to demonstrate the theme.

I have made much progress - to the point that the theme works and looks good, but my modifications are not complete yet. I want it to be more than a simple port, but to also fix any other issues with the other theme.

What I have done beyond simple porting:

  • Changed the font for the main article content to Verdana/DejaVu Sans
  • Added colours to tables,
  • Themed the comments separately,
  • Added colours to tables,
  • Allow a local.css file to be dropped into the folder to override/extend/modify some theming elements.

I think I have got pretty far, and the theme looks very good, however I do think there needs to be some work on the colours used for tables and comments.

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