Absynthe Theme

ok, just updated to the absynthe theme for this site, a theme originally for Wordpress (as it says in the footer), but ported to Drupal. I think it looks good.

There are however quite a few short comings - most of which probably cannot be seen by logged out users (but some can if you know where to look), so it is ok for a front facing theme for now.


For the ever lazy in me, I have added a microblog.

Pretty simple faire, and the idea was borrowed from another use of the tribune module which I have blogged about before.

This is all kinds of awesome!

now lets see if I actually use this thing...

Drupal Disapointments - is the community working?

Looking at the top search terms at drupalmodules.com, I was not surprised to see the top search term was for image. What IS surprising is that with 6 months since the Drupal 6 release, there is still not a stable release of the image module. (I am not picking on this module, but I have recently offered a patch and would love to know if I am going about it in the right way... hint hint.)

It is worse than that from the top four terms, all of which correspond to a module, none has a stable release out!

Drupal is Great (Themes related)

This post is brought to you in conjunction with hotspot shield (because the access issues are continuing) and 11 heavens through which I found a simple fix the the bounding issues with the ablock theme.

According to the 11heavens link, Drupal supplies a css class to fix the bounding issues I was experiencing on this site with the current theme. I have now filed an issue for it to be fixed.

A change of scenery

Lo and behold, a new theme - A Block by couzinhub.

Functional, unassuming and good looking were the things I was looking for (and in that order) and this theme provides them all by the bucketload.

A little bit of History. Again.

When I first started this site, it had a basic theme - a slight modification to the default theme for pmWiki. It was unassuming and did its job.

Then I moved the site to Drupal. With drupal came a multitude of choices. Good choices, but at times a little overpowering.


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