Virgin Media

Change of Hosting

After my recent interweb troubles, I have decided to move away from 1and1 and have chosen the hosting services of eUKHost - they seem to offer a lot more for a similar amount of money (after using a discount code).

The new set has around three times as much guaranteed RAM, 4x as much Burstable and almost 4x the bandwidth as before. (which I don't really need. yet.), two ip addresses as standard, and fast help, either as live chat or over the phone 24/7.

So far the new service has been excellent - they even transferred the data and settings over for me!

After the troubles with 1and1, this is a massive relief and I would recommend them very much for hosting.

Drupal is Great (Themes related)

This post is brought to you in conjunction with hotspot shield (because the access issues are continuing) and 11 heavens through which I found a simple fix the the bounding issues with the ablock theme.

According to the 11heavens link, Drupal supplies a css class to fix the bounding issues I was experiencing on this site with the current theme. I have now filed an issue for it to be fixed.

Interweb Troubles

Apparently this site (and others I am hosting) are not available to a lot of people in the UK.

Problem seems to be focussed on the Virgin Media/Cable & Wireless network with time-outs taking place on the hop after

VM are not accepting that the problem is on their end, which is bonkers as users of other ISP's can connect.

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